Gateway Labradors Breeding Philosophy and Practices:

As a small hobby kennel, I strive to breed good all-around Labradors that are superb family members first and foremost, and secondly who look good and are capable of performing as well. I also don't breed more than one to three litters a year, so am extremely picky about the homes my puppies go to - expect a lengthy phone evaluation before being cleared to be on my puppy list. The puppy's well-being is foremost in my consideration. I am also willing to take back any puppy of my breeding at any time for any reason. Gateway Labrador puppies are the same price, regardless of color or sex as each puppy gets the same amount of love and attention from me and my family. Gateway Labrador puppies can be reserved with a non-refundable $200 deposit, and are sold with AKC Limited Registration with the exception of known reputable breeders.  When planning for your new addition, keep in mind that there is a total of approximately 4 months from the date of breeding until the puppies go home.

All Gateway Labrador puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian, and are wormed with Nemex-2 and/or Panacur. All puppies are inoculated with a Vanguard Plus 5 vaccination no earlier than 7 weeks of age. Further vaccinations at 10, 13, and 16 weeks are recommended, along with a Rabies shot no earlier than 16 weeks, and heartworm preventative medication starting at 8-10 weeks. One additional 5-way vaccination is also recommended after 20 weeks of age.  Puppies will be released to their new owners no earlier than 8 weeks of age.  Each new owner will receive a puppy folder containing the following: a record of immunization, a feeding schedule, follow-up care instructions, a copy of all contracts and warranties, a pedigree, copies of parents' health clearances and pictures, AKC application for Limited Registration, and other special interest information on the Labrador breed. All puppies are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase and are covered by the health warranty.

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